Mark is one of London’s leading and established Food, Liquid and Tabletop Director/DOP’s who is also well versed in the ‘dark arts’ of high speed, motion control and VFX, with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Always client friendly and able to deliver stunning visual imagery with style and a smile, Mark is a safe pair of hands with creative briefs becoming ever more changing and fluid. Mark loves the challenge of innovation and being able to think on his feet, and he has the ability to create those happy accidents that occasionally appear down a lens which clients love. In an ever evolving and sometimes chaotic content driven world Mark is established as a charismatic, easy going  charming director and most importantly he always delivers.


For over 10 years Mark ran one of London’s busiest and most successful motion control studios at SVC, where he began to excel in the industries ‘black arts’. This allowed him to develop his lighting skills & techniques – specifically with regard to shooting for a creative post-production led solutions.


He soon ended up with an extensive & loyal client base in both the advertising & television industries. This time spent in a post-production environment gave him an invaluable knowledge of shooting with compositing in mind!


In 2007 Mark started to work as a Director/DOP with leading production companies such as Park Village and then Steam Media. This has given him an extensive grounding in directing commercials in the UK and he has now directed spots for most of the UK leading advertising agencies - Saatchi’s, DDB, BBH, AMV, Grey, Publicis, Leo Burnetts, Mother, Havas etc…  for such clients as Coca Cola, Ford, Kelloggs, L’Oreal, Carling, Heineken, Apple, Adidas, Nike, Birdseye, McDonald's, Mark's & Spencer's, John Lewis, Lurpak & Nespresso (to name but a few).


Shooting mainly food, liquid and life style for product driven commercials at the moment, Mark still maintains close ties with some of London’s leading facilities houses & continues to shoot a considerable amount of their & effects sequences … His ability to create a fun, warm client friendly atmosphere on a shoot are legendary and his undeniable talent and visuals speak for themselves.

Now shooting stills photography on set if required  and represented worldwide via John Spary Associates (London).